About me

Bringing over 14 years of teaching experience to my classes, I went to my first Pilates class in 2000, and this sparked a deep interest in understanding how bodies move.

I continued attending classes as a regular student for four more years, before training to be a Body Control Pilates Teacher, and have been teaching Pilates regularly ever since.

My empathy for the limitations of each individual and endless adaptability and creativity, underpin my teaching style. I have a no nonsense approach which aims to clarify the mechanics of the body and communicate the fundamentals of Pilates to everyone eager to learn.  

I have a passion for Pilates and like working with and helping my students to progress towards their personal goals in body mobility, flexibility and postural strength…. I join in their pleasure when they achieve them”.

My teaching style is interactive with my students; explaining what to do and how to do it, and I take a holistic view of the human body which can mean that for an issue in one part of the body, I may work on another. 

Just being in a room full of eager Pilates students inspires me. The questions, the wow moments, the frustrations and the constant sharing and support makes me just want to delve deeper into the world of movement and Pilates. 

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to reach your goals.