Zoom Pilates Private Lessons

Ideal for those who want a session specifically designed for their body. Private Lessons are especially effective in the following situations:

Learn the basics

If you are totally new to Pilates, or you have an injury or condition that needs to be addressed before attending group class, then you need to book an introductory Private Lesson so that we can take you through beginner Pilates fundamentals and establish together with you the best path forward – private lessons, group lessons or a combination of both.

We also recommend Private Lessons for people who are returning to Pilates after a substantial absence. This will enable us to give you an idea of a time-frame for merging into a group class.


Pilates is recommended by consultants, surgeons, physiotherapists and osteopaths as the preferred method of rehabilitating both injuries and many joint and muscular conditions.

From intensive post-operative rehabilitation to strengthening joints and muscles in order to repair injuries and relieve pain, we can help you feel better and move better with targeted sessions for your particular requirements.

In all cases, it is usually easier if you get in touch by either email or by phone so that we can chat through your situation and find the best way forward for you.


Get in touch

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